“What is Redenim?”

Hi I'm Kelly,
I'm the founder and CEO of Redenim, your new personal jean stylist.

Like a lot of women I have trouble finding the right combination of jeans that fit well and have style that I want. After one wasted afternoon trying on jeans at the mall where I came up empty handed, I got home and looked at my closet. It was filled with jeans that I didn't wear. That's when I thought there has to be a better way to get great fitting jeans, from brands I love, in the styles that work for me. While I'm at it, there should be an easy way to take some of those jeans that I don't want any more and put them to good use? That's when I thought of the idea for Redenim.

All women deserve high quality, premium denim that fits great and make you feel great. At redenim we want to make finding those perfect jeans easy.

First you build your style profile. That will give your team all the information we need to find the perfect jeans for you.

Your style team finds three pairs of jeans that we know you'll love and for a $19 styling fee we send them out for you to try at home for 7 days.

Have fun! Be bold! Try out your Redenim jeans with all of your favorite outfits. Then decide which ones you want, your styling fee goes towards the cost of those. After the 7 day trial you will be charged the special Redenim Member price for the jeans you keep. Since each box we create contains unique styles, prices per item will vary but we'll work within your budget to find jeans you love, at a price you can afford. Plus, if you keep all three pairs of jeans, and we know you'll want to, you'll receive 20% off the cost of your order.

Anything we send that you don't want can be sent back at no cost, and as long as you're sending those back, for every pair of jeans you keep you can send back an old pair of jeans you want to donate!

At Redenim we believe in paying it forward. That's why a big part of our mission is collecting denim donations. Jeans that can still be worn are given to local women's shelters, the ones that are too worn out are given to XXXXXXX, who turn them into insulation, XXXXX of which is donated to Habitat For Humanity.

At Redenim we want to help you feel great in jeans that fit perfect and look great. Let us know about yourself and let us do the rest. We're going to find you jeans that you love because at Redenim, we want you to get in our pants!

Kelly Ernst


Q:What is Redenim? A: Simple! Redenim is your personal on-demand jean stylist. Giveus some quick info and for a moderate fee we send you 3 pairs of jeans we know will be perfect for you. Keep the ones you want, we'll bill you for those. You can send the rest back at no charge.

Q: Finding jeans can be such a pain, how do I know the jeans i get from Redenim will fit right? A: We're glad you asked! Thats where you come in, we need the most accurate measurements you can provide. Some of our questions may seem a little personal but trust us we've been there and we're here to help!

Q:How much will my jeans cost? A: Depending on your taste prices will vary but at Redenim we are determined to find great jeans for our clients that fit great, look great and fit into your budget.

Q: What brand of jeans will I get? A: Great question! We can't tell you just yet, that will be based on what jeans best fit the data you provide and the budget you give us.