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We find the perfect jeans for all women and deliver them free to your door for you to try without risk or judgement.


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We will use your profile to find the perfect size and style jeans from our 15+ partner brands just for you.

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Pay only for the jeans you keep and send the rest back for free! Get 20% if you keep all three jeans.

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What Redenim Women are saying

Shopping for Jeans is the Worst.


We believe all women deserve jeans that make them feel comfortable, confident and sexy. But shopping for jeans the traditional way is exhausting, overwhelming, and difficult. We decided the old way of finding jeans was broken and it's time to fix it.

I'm Kelly. And I want you to get in my pants.

My name is Kelly and I'm the founder of Redenim. I founded this company because all women wear jeans, none of us like shopping for them. And after personally enduring my fair share of fitting room meltdowns, I decided it was time for the process to change.

I want you to think back to the last time you tried to buy jeans. Let me guess... you were in in the mall. You guestimated your size because you feel like it's different across all brands, grabbed an arm load of options that called to you, and headed back to the fitting room line.

Now you've got, let's see, 7, 8, no, 9 pairs that you count off for the fitting room attendant. The room she unlocks for you is small, dingy, and lit with burning flourescent lights.

You try on the first pair. "Oof, too small. I thought that was my size... ugh need to hit the gym." You grab another. "Sheesh, they look great but WAY too long. I don't want to get these hemmed." Pair by pair, there's always something wrong, but it feels like something is wrong with you.

20 minutes later, you need to get out. None of the jeans work. You're getting tired and can't help but think about all the things that are wrong with your body. You walk out empty handed and defeated. Sound familiar? I thought so...

That's why I started Redenim. To eliminate this horrific process forever. Want to hear more? Here's why this matters to me:

What Do I get in a
Restyle Box?


3 jeans for you to try in styles and washes of your choosing.

A note from your stylist with pairing tips.

A prepaid return envenlope for anything you don't love.

The Benefits of Redenim

The benefits of being a Redenim client don't just end with perfect-fitting jeans...


Skip the Mall

Malls suck. Skip the mall and ditch fitting rooms forever. We deliver 3 perfect jeans for you to try right to your door. Plus free shipping both ways!


No Payment Upfront

Try before you buy for free! Plus, we only send jeans that fit your budget. Redenim charges you for what you keep after your trial has ended.

Jeans from Top Brands

We partner with dozens of well-loved brands to find the perfect pairs for you! You'll be surprised by what you love!

No Pressure

Fitting rooms + sales associates = pressure. We make your home your personal fitting room so take your time! You've got 7 days to try.

No More Guesswork

Ever wonder why it's so hard to just find jeans that fit? We remove the guesswork by using powerful data to match you to the perfect pairs with styles that fit your body right down to the length, rise, and size.

No Subscription

We honestly don't think you need jeans every month, unless you want them. Redenim is on demand only so you only get a box when you request it. No surprises!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Redenim offers you the opportunity to try before you buy. We will send you 3 perfectly matched jeans to try on at home for 7 days. We do not charge a deposit and you will only be charged for what you keep after your 7 day trial has ended.

Redenim uses a proprietary AI called "the JEANome" that takes your style profile and matches you to jeans that will fit your body and your budget. It's powerful data with a personal touch that does the shopping for you!

Redenim is a relationship. That's why our stylists get to know you and will connect with you during the styling process. If you're not satisfied with your stylist's picks, send them right back and we will work with you on a complimentary restyling with fresh picks sent to you again.

We don't think you need jeans every month. Redenim is on-demand only meaning you will be sent Restyle Boxes only when you request them. No surprise boxes!

Yes! All of our jeans come right from our partner designers and are brand new. We do not sell used or preworn clothing. The styles we carry are in season or will be marked down on sale if they are from prior seasons.

We carry an assortment of styles --

Cuts include skinny, straight, flare and others.

Washes range from light to dark as well as assorted colors.

Additional details include destruction, dropped hems and more.

Styles also range from core, every day denim to more fashion forward styles like cropped flares, skirts, and shorts.

We will work with you and your style profile to send jeans that match your style preferences and needs!

We carry 15+ brands at prices that vary from $49 up to $250 but we will always be respectful of your budget. You will only receive jeans in a price point that you're comfortable with.

The Redenim Difference


We've found that there are 5 things that need to be perfect in order for a pair of jeans to fit. And we crunch the numbers to find out the right attributes for you individually. The perfect jean for every woman is out there. Here's what we look at to match you to them.

The Right Rise

Rises can be high, mid, or low, but the right rise actually depends on your height. We find the perfect rise for your unique frame.

The Perfect Style

The style or cut of a jean is how it's patterned to fit your body. By looking at your body type and asking your preferences, we find the most flattering cuts for you.

Your Size

The number on the tag is supposed to be your waist measurement, but they are often inconsistent. We find the perfect size for you to fit your waist and rise preferences.

The Best Fabric

Denim is actually a blanket term for hundreds of different fabrics. We find jeans in fabrics that will work with your body, not against it to move with you and fit comfortably.

The Right Length

This is an important one! Jeans come in various lengths but we work to find the perfect length for your height so nothing needs to be altered or rolled.

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Hear from Real Redenim Women


What customers are saying about their jeans from Redenim!

They feel absolutely amazing! I am so impressed. I didn't know what to expect, really, and it exceeded my expectations!

Caitlin F


The moment I put them on I was like "yup, these are staying home."

Maria V


The whole package: Length, my waist, my backside... totally happy!

Elena Z


Not only do they fit, they're comfortable.

Marian N


They're going to move with me. Finally jeans that move with me!

Denisha F


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